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At the Conscious Kitchen Team - Everyone is Welcome

Conscious Kitchen is entirely volunteer-run, including the core team. The core team is made up of experienced volunteers who do the behind the scenes organizing to make sure we can keep the dinners going.  

Core members are responsible for

  • Leading the volunteer shifts

  • Run the communication channels

  • Organize special events

  • Organize the finances

  • Raise funding

We are always looking for new core members so if you are interested in becoming more active in Conscious Kitchen, don't hesitate to shoot us a message or talk to us at the dinners.

weekly volunteering

Our dinners are entirely dependent on your volunteering activity and we would not exist without you.

Every week we offer you the opportunity to help out with the dinners by signing up for one of the available shifts, these shifts include 

- Market pick up -

- Cooking -

- Hosting and Set up -

- Cleaning  -

Each shift comes with it's own responsibilities and abilities to practice your skills, but no inate talents are needed for any of them. We are here to learn together and encourage you to use your creativity to help make the dinners and make the night a real good experience.

Core members, who are experienced with each shift, will be there to guide the experience and give you instructions where needed, but we are also always looking for creative input from you during the shifts!


The best way to get to know Conscious Kitchen and how we work is by volunteering a few times.

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