At the Conscious Kitchen Team - Everyone is Welcome

Currently our team is mostly made up of international students but everyone from all walks of life is welcome to join.

We believe in a non-hierarchical structure, so people are not positioned above or below each other.

By joining the team you can enjoy:

- hands-on activities with community impact -

- a small compensation of volunteer coordinators -

- encouragement to bring in your talent -

- opportunities to lead -

- empowerment by organizing your own events -

- yearly team building camping trip -

Joining the team

We have a lot of roles that need to be filled

so come bring in your own talent

Roles for the Thursday dinner:

Include coordinating the volunteers and the final responsibility for the fulfillment of the tasks

- Market pick up coordinator -

- Cooking coordinator -

- Hosting and Set up -

- Cleaning coordinator -

We encourage our volunteers to take initiative in leading projects and taking part in the bi-weekly team meetings

Conscious Kitchen also has a number of background roles that include:

- social media curator -

- communication -

- organising special events -

- team building and coordination -

- organising awareness actions -


The best way to get to know Conscious Kitchen and how we work is by volunteering a few times.

So contact us...​

ask a volunteer during a dinner, send us an email, or reach out on facebook....