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About Conscious Kitchen

At the Conscious Kitchen, we organize weekly dinners on Thursdays to promote community, conscious living and sustainability. By sharing a meal we aim to bring people together over food, and in doing so create awareness about food waste and how good plant-based food can be.


The dinners take place every Thursday evening, 18:30 at our location De Helena at Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3. Together with volunteers we cook the meals and organize the entire event. You can volunteer to help us pick up food, cook, serve or clean. Joining the dinner without volunteering is also possible. In that case we ask for a small contribution at the door to help us cover costs such as rent and maintenance.

We make sure that all our dinners are produced in a sustainable way, either by using food from local markets that would otherwise be wasted or by sourcing it from local and organic producers.

Who is Conscious Kitchen

We are a movement that fights food waste by rescuing would-be-wasted food and turning it into delicious meals for our community.


We are a non-profit organization made up of volunteers with the goal but to bring people together over the satisfaction of saving food.

We are idealists. Our meals are vegan both because of practicality and ideals. Eating vegan even just once a week already has a major impact.


We are food-lovers. We love the challenge of preparing a meal out of whatever food is donated, and not letting useable food go to waste. We are creative and experimental, resulting in colourful and unique dishes, varying from lentil dahls, soups with bean sprouts to roasted fennel with harissa.


our ideals

Community, sustainability and conscious living. These are the pillars that hold up Conscious Kitchen as an organization. 

Community: Conscious Kitchen provides a space where you can meet new people, create friendships and find a support system in the city: a place to feel at home. 

Sustainability: We rescue food and cook vegan because of our ideals of promoting sustainability. We hope to make you excited about vegan food, and reduce food waste, but also provide a space where other sustainability initiatives and ideas can be shared. 

Conscious Living: Our dinners are not just delicious, but also an accessible way to learn more about conscious living. We see conscious living as being aware of what motivates us. Not just in regards to food, but all our decisions in life. We hope to offer you a space where you can take a moment to slow down in a busy world and understand your own motivations and decisions.

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