About the Conscious Kitchen

At the Conscious Kitchen, we organize weekly dinners to promote community, conscious living and sustainability. We aim to bring people together over food, and in doing so create awareness about food waste and show how to cook with any fruits and veggies given to you and how good plant-based food can be.


Everyone can get involved in the creation of the event. You can volunteer to help us pick up food, cook, serve or clean. If you are unable to donate your time, you can also donate some money to support the dinners and make sure they continue.


We make sure that all our dinners are produced in a sustainable way, either by using food from local markets that would otherwise be wasted, or by sourcing it from local and organic producers.

Who is Conscious Kitchen exactly

At Conscious Kitchen,  we are a small movement that fights food waste, by collecting would-be-wasted food and turning it into delicious meals for community. We are a non-profit organization made up of volunteers. Our goal isn't to make money, but to bring people together with the satisfaction of saving food.

We are a diverse group that welcomes everyone. Currently, the majority of our team are not Dutch. And because we want to bring together different kinds of people, we keep our dinners affordable.

We are idealists. We make our meals vegan, which mean that they are open to everyone. Likewise, eating vegan is an environmentally friendly option since we believe that even a small contribution on a local scale is something valuable.


We are food-lovers. Useable food is too good to let go to waste. We love the challenge of preparing a meal out of whatever food is donated. We are creative and experimental, resulting in colourful and unique dishes, varying from Asian soups with mung bean sprouts to roasted fennel with harissa.

Why Conscious Kitchen?

We collect: on market days, we visit the market stands around closing time, asking for donations of left-over food that is would be thrown away.

We complement: to make a satisfying and wholesome meal, we supplement the donations with pasta, potatoes, bread or bulgur. And sometimes beans, or nuts, or tofu.
We cook: under the supervision of one or two regular volunteers, everyone is invited to help cooking. Together with a diverse group, we cut and slice, fry and bake, cook and stir and serve a meal shortly after seven o'clock.

We clean: after the dinners, the dishes have to be washed and the kitchen has to be cleaned. Again, everyone is invited to sign up as a volunteer. Together, we make sure that everything is left in order and ready for the next event!

We cooperate: in collecting food, cooking and cleaning, we ask everyone to sign up as a volunteer. Whether you just want to get to know us, out of sheer curiosity or out of idealism, whether you love cooking or cleaning, young or old, rich or poor, religious or atheist, a local or a traveller, you are most welcome to be a part of Conscious Kitchen.