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banana carrot cake with vegan frosting


What do you do when you have several kilos of carrots and bags of overripe bananas as part of your pick-up? Obviously you try to make a mouth watering banana carrot cake. With some (vegan) icing on top. 

Our top chef Sam based this recipe on a recipe that their former teacher shared with them. And we got to enjoy the absolute deliciousness of that knowledge exchange.


If you need a recipe to treat your friends or family with, stick to the meassurements below. However, if you want to make a portion for yourself we recommend cutting the portions by 5 or 6 times for a normal serving size.

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Ingredients for ~60 pieces

1,750g AP Flour
7tsp baking powder
7tsp baking soda
3.5tsp salt
5tbsp cinnamon
3tbsp nutmeg
2tbsp ground ginger
1,400g light brown sugar
1,785g peeled and grated carrot
7 ripe bananas, mashed till smooth (can be replaced by with 840g silken tofu to make a version that doesn't taste like banana)
870ml oil
2tbsp+1tsp vanilla
7tbsp apple cider vinegar

1,200g powdered sugar
280g vegan butter, room temp, small cubes
3tsp vanilla
3tsp apple cider vinegar 
7tbsp lemon juice, zest would be good too
tsp of almond extract (optional)
plant milk to preferred texture

The Method

1. Preheat oven to 180C/170C with fan, grease bottom of pans and line with baking paper
2. Add flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, spices to bowl and whisk
3. add light brown sugar and carrot
4. mix banana, vanilla, vinegar, and oil till combined then add to flour bowl and fold together until no dry flour remains (if too thick give it ~10 minutes, carrots will release moisture, if still too dry add milk until batter forms)
5. divide into pans and bake until skewer comes out clean ~35 minutes
6. While cake cools prep frosting by adding all ingredients to bowl and mixing, starting from low speed gradually working up (may need to place bowl in warm water bath to make things come together, add milk till spreadable)
7. Once cool, top with frosting and whatever else

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