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Ilse's Pickled Cucumbers

What to do with all these cucumbers?

Conscious Kitchen is all about sustainability, community and conscious living. Obviously one way we do this as a community by saving food from The Hague market and cooking a meal out of it. But how do you do this at home, where you might not have a freezer that will keep your food in good conditions?


This recipe is inspired by the need to preserve one of the most common food we receive from the market: Cucumbers!!

Although cucumbers are delicious already when they're fresh, they tend to get soggy and mushy pretty quickly, so I decided to pickle some of them in the hopes of preserving them a bit longer!


A clean empty jar
Enough vinegar to fill 2/3rd of that jar
2 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar




The Method

1. Cut the cucumbers in a shape that fits into the jar in the best way possible, either slicing them or cutting them into spears is the most common approach, although if they're small enough you could also leave them whole.


2. Put the vinegar in a pot and mix the salt and sugar into the vinegar until it is dissolved. Boil the mixture until a slight simmer and add the cucumber and other optional ingredients to the vinegar, let it soak for a few minutes.


3. Turn off the heat and after 3 minutes pour the vinegar and cucumbers into a jar. Once the jar is full, close it properly and turn it upside down to vacuum seal the jar.


4. Once the jar is cooled down, put it in the fridge.

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