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Ana's Nettle Pasta for Two

Time for foraging...

Inspired by Sonja's foraging experience, I would like to share with you one of the most loved foraged spring food in Romania.


Spring is the perfect moment to go out foraging for nettles as they are fresh and packed with valuable nutrients.


Foraging is a great way to honour the abundance of nature. It is not tremendously complicated, however it implies going out and picking stinging nettles. Tip: use gloves and a scissors.


Cooked stinging nettles have a very similar consistency with spinach, however they have a particular texture and taste.


500 gr Nettles
1 Garlic clove
50 ml Oil
Salt and pepper
300 gr Pasta

The Method

For this recipe, you will only need the nettle leaves. So, remove the stems and wash the leaves really well.


In a pot bring to boil 1 litre of salted water.


Once the water is boiling scald the nettles for 5-10 minutes. use a slotted spoon to take them out.

Tip: you can use the same water for boiling the pasta.


Let the nettles rest, while you heat a frying pan.

Tip: if you wish for a softer consistency, you may blend the boiled nettles.


Add oil and garlic to the heated pan and eventually the nettles.

Tip: add the garlic after the nettles if you wish for a stronger garlic taste.


Once the pasta is ready, strain the water and add the pasta in the nettle mixture.


Add salt and pepper if needed, or any other toppings.

Tip: try to use subtle flavours so you get the most out of the nettle flavour if you like it

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