Food is the glue that binds people together. Here at the Conscious Kitchen, we wish to connect people from different backgrounds, with a warm meal, and a welcoming community. ​​​

At the Conscious Kitchen, we believe consciousness is a way of living. For example when it comes to food waste, we strive to save as much food as we can. But it doesn't stop there, we aim to bring people closer to one another by working together to create our Conscious Dinners.

These dinners are created through the collective effort of all who come - from those who rescue the food at the markets to those who help clean up after the dinners.

Our vision is that we create a community that cares about the world around them. To put it simply, we hope that you leave our dinners with a full stomach, mind, and heart.

How do These Dinners Work?

Simply, we source our food from local markets, which often times would have been wasted. 

This food is then turned into a loving meal with the help of the community and those around you. During this time, you will meet people from all walks of life. We simply ask that when you do, try to keep this guide in mind. 

The Guide For Good Vibes

Everyone is equal - be inclusive

An atmosphere of mutual respect goes

a long way in creating lasting relationships. 

If you see something wrong - try and fix it

Being helpful is a key ingredient for a community

that feels like everyone cares for each other.

Be conscious as often as you can

In what you do and what you say.

In what you take and what you give.

In the big things and the small things.

We can't change the world

if we are not aware of the world around us first.

Go outside your comfort zone

Meet new people,

have laughs you've never had,

add some of that spice to your sauce. 

Be Intentional.

Don't wait for change to happen

or problems to resolve themselves.

When you decide to do something - do it.

There is no try.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

©2017 by Conscious Kitchen. 

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