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Ana's Complex Salad

From our creative Spirit and improvisation skills

Meal planning is great, it can save you lots of time, energy and resources if done properly. However, at Conscious Kitchen we can rarely afford the luxury of meal planning and we are constantly challenged to use our creative spirit and improvisation skills to make it work. Therefore, besides the abundant batch we rescue we usually resort to what we have in the pantry.

In the spirit of improvisation and making gold out of 'mold' I used mostly leftovers and came up with this quite nutrition-packed lunch.


1 boiled potato
100gr boiled chickpeas
Half onion
Leafy greens (packsoi; lettuce;etc)
Few bits of red cabbage
Few cucumber slices
Salt& pepper


Oil& balsamic vinegar

The Method

In a pan, saute the onion together with the diced potato and the chickpeas adding the packsoi as well. When the onion and the packsoi are relatively cooked turn off the heat and let it seat.


Meanwhile, I chop the red cabbage and add it to the salad bowl while I massage it with salt to make it more tender adding oil and balsamic.


Lie the warm mixture on to the cabbage bed and mix everything together. Now is time to add the fresh items: cucumber slices and the leafy greens. Mix again with salt, pepper, oil and balsamic.

Now it's time to top up with the favourite toppings: (chia, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp) seeds, all kinds of nuts and herbs.




Ps. The boiled potato was leftover from a Romanian warm potato salad and the chickpeas were boiled and frozen from a previous hummus batch.

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