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Sonja's Celery Root Burger

Root vegetables are magic

That celery root (Celeriac) makes a great flavour in soups is common knowledge. However, most people do not know that there are also many other funny and yummy ways to prepare that majestic root. I am excited to share this tender, tasty celery root burger recipe that I came up with.

Before we get to the recipe I want to share my new-found love for root vegetables. I believe they are so underappreciated – probably because there are just not enough popular recipes that use those parsnips, turnips and celery roots. This should change – not only because these vegetables are wonderfully nutritious due to their large starch content, but also because they are local and seasonal in spring.


1 Celery root

1-2 Onions

Around 200 g flour


Salt, pepper, preferred spices

The Method

1) Peel the celery root and then grate it (not too finely). Cut the onion.

2) Add flour, spices and gradually add water until the mixture sticks together nicely. You can always add more flour if you think the whole thing turned out too liquid.

3) Pour some oil in a frying pan, heat up, and then from your mixture scoop balls of the size a bit bigger than pingpong balls, softly press them flat in the pan. Let it sizzle and turn until they are golden on both sides.

Tadaa! Ready they are, the soft, juicy celery root burgers.

I have had them together with a dip I made from mashed, baked parsnips.


The burgers are also great as a side dish to a risotto or pasta. Or, of course, you could use them inside of a burger bun.

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