Who we are


We are Conscious kitchen. A small movement, that fights food waste. We just don't like to waste things and one day we thought 'why not?' and it became a movement. But we keep banging on about 'we'. Who is 'we'? Who are these weird people smiling all day at a limp cucumber? Click the button and find out.

The Fruits of our Doings


It's all nice what we do and what we wrote on this page but you dug through it for hours and would like to finally get some information about what we actually do? Like what actions we perform to get a conscious dinner going for example? Click the image and see for yourself.

Conscious what.?


When we started, we had a lot of questions too. How can we rent a place? Will people like us? Is there a possibility to expand? Do we have to pay taxes? Your questions won't be the same but we still tried to compile some answers.

But why though?

Why do we do what we do? Why do we keep sacrificing our time to this? Why do we not do something else, like normal people do? Not that we are snowflakes. Click the image and find out the reasons.

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